Monday, September 28, 2015

Notations On our World: On the State of the US Elections

It is the end of the quarter and candidates are beginning their final push for numbers.    The US Public Affairs shows on Sunday featured a whole host of candidates.   Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina were on NBC's Meet the Press as John Kasich was on Face The Nation.    The combative nature of Carly Fiorina was especially interesting as she dismissed all the criticism against here by noting how everyone lies and she's the only one who is telling the truth.  Hillary Clinton also faced some tough questions today.

On Sunday, The Sanders campaign was in our "neck of the woods"-Orange County as his campaign continues to be soldier on.      As we went to press, though, what we found telling were  the polling numbers that NBC News reported on Meet the Press Sunday.   The three leading GOP so-called "outsiders" continue to lead the pack--as Marco Rubio and John Kasich continue to "gather steam".  A Kasich-Rubio combination will be interesting if it goes up against a Clinton-Webb ticket.

Our team also had a chance to catch GOP Presidential candidates appearing at the Voter Values Summit.   Senator Cruz was in his element about a nuclear Iran, repealing Obamacare and what he said, " introduce the Ayatollah to 72 Virgins" (basically to see it that he is assassinated to the appaluse of the all.      It was striking how angry he was.

Donald Trump, though, continues to soldier on as well.   He  noted in his 60-Minutes interview on Sunday that he would have a Tax Plan and reitrated how he was going to self-fund through the Convention.    This is as Jeb Bush, though, continues to poll quite poorly as he sent out this fundraising appeal as well as HIllary Clinton that had fundraisers sent out under both her own name and her Campaign Chair, John Podesta: 

Jeb 2016!

This is the most important email I’ve sent to supporters since we launched the campaign, so I’m going to cut right to the chase.

We’re only 4 days away from filing our quarterly fundraising report. This report will be posted for the world to see and as I’m writing this email, we’re still short of our goal of $200,000 for the month.

I need your help. I need you to pitch in $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford so we can turn this around.

This is a major deadline and it couldn’t come at a more critical time in our fight to take on Hillary Clinton in 2016. I know it doesn’t seem like an issue at first, but whether or not we have a strong showing could make or break this campaign.

My opponents will be pouring over every detail of our report and we already know what will happen if we fall short of our goal. That’s why I need you now:

Help Stop Hillary!

Hillary Clinton is going to spin it every way she can, the media certainly won’t cut us any breaks, and Donald Trump will be attacking me on Twitter in the middle of the night, but that’s nothing new and I’m not alone in that.

Mike, we only have 4 days to show that this campaign is ready to fight.

We’re running out of time and I’m counting on you. Please chip in before our deadline in 4 days:

Thank you,


As Jeb attacked Hillary, the bigger story was the resignation of the House Speaker, John Boehner.   It was of interest as this was sent out from Sarah Palin's PAC which underscores the sentiment of the Conservative "Grassroots" out there: 

Dear Friend,

Here is what the Governor said: 
"Here’s the deal: grassroots conservatives’ commitment to adhering to the Constitution and to restoring America’s freedom and free enterprise is very real.

You can only thwart the will of the people for so long. First Eric Cantor, now John Boehner. Senate leadership that’s now on notice surely takes this seriously. The conservative grassroots is calling out the permanent political class and that’s reflected in the GOP presidential polls.

Bold, independent Congressmen in Washington prove they’re to be reckoned with now, and they deserve voters’ thanks for doing what we sent them to do – shake up the status quo and get the country back on track. 

Bold, independent Congressmen in Washington prove they’re to be reckoned with now, and they deserve voters’ thanks for doing what we sent them to do – shake up the status quo and get the country back on track."
Governor Sarah Palin via Breitbart News Network 

It will be an interesting few weeks as Congress wrestles with short term Government funding and the battles linger on.

Interesting times indeed......

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